` ADAF2021 Participate 2021

Deelnemen met een eigen stand

The registration fee is €  75,- (VAT excluded), regardless of the size of the stand you wish to use to exhibit your works.

Included in your participation

All of the following is included in your registration fee:
  • the balloting of your work,
  • listing on www.ADAF.nl with your name, website and up to 3 images,
  • listing in the catalogue (A4) with your name and website,
  • your name with reference to your stand on the floor plan,
  • hire two spots, including terminal thereof, (In case of a groupstand 1 spot is included per participant.)
  • a professional nameplate on your stand,
  • the rent of the required number of suspension systems,
  • the rent of all the materials for your stand,
  • one chair,
  • special stickers to put next to your works of art,
  • a participant name badge,
  • a name badge for an assistant (provides free entry to the fair),
  • an unlimited number of entrance tickets,
  • eight consumption vouchers,
  • publicity through advertisements and articles in national newspapers, magazines, newsletters and websites,
  • various printing costs,
  • the rent of the halls,
  • cleaning,
  • security,
  • wrapping table and wrapping materials,
  • reception staff,
  • access to after movie of the fair
  • and more.

Yes, I would like to participate in the ADAF 2021

Address information

First name
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I want this name on my badge:
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I want this name on the name plate on my stand:
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I want this name in the catalogue:
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The stand of your choice - two spotlights are by standard included with each stand.
(In case of a groupstand 1 spot is included per participant.)

Stand sizeCosts
  Depth Width Area Walls Normal NABK members  
  1 m3 m3 m25 m€  507,-  from   €  417,-
  1 m4 m4 m26 m€  649,-  from   €  559,-
  1 m5 m5 m27 m€  779,-  from   €  689,-  most popular
  1 m6 m6 m28 m€  897,-  from   €  807,-
  1 m7 m7 m29 m€  1.005,-  from   €  915,-
  1 m8 m8 m210 m€  1.102,-  from   €  1.012,-
  1 m9 m9 m211 m€  1.191,-  from   €  1.101,-
  1 m10 m10 m212 m€  1.270,-  from   €  1.180,-

  2 m3 m6 m27 m€  697,-  from   €  607,-
  2 m4 m8 m28 m€  941,-  from   €  851,-  most popular
  2 m5 m10 m29 m€  1.129,-  from   €  1.039,-
  2 m6 m12 m210 m€  1.301,-  from   €  1.211,-
  2 m7 m14 m211 m€  1.507,-  from   €  1.417,-
  2 m8 m16 m212 m€  1.654,-  from   €  1.564,-
  2 m9 m18 m213 m€  1.786,-  from   €  1.696,-

The location of my stand:

* The organisation decides on the exact location of the A-location. An A-location has an excellent location: which means that the stand is (clearly) visible from multiple directions and/or located at the end of an aisle, and/or close to entrance of the hall.

Members of the NABK (ational Association Visual Artists) are entitled to a discount, regardles of the size of the chosen stand.
NABKPRO members € 90 discount
Golden members €60,- discount
Silver members €30 discount.

Are you a member of the NABK (www.NABK.nl)?

* Please note this only applies when you have chosen this as your gift, when you registered with the NABK.

If have participated in the following editions of the ADAF*:

In case of participation in multiple previous edition my work is automatically balloted positively.

All amounts are excluding 21% VAT.